Fruvika is my attempt at reclaiming some of the advertising poster space to promote fruits and veggies. Not any particular brand or manufacturer – just stuff that’s healthy, tasty and actually good for you.

Lazy Summer - Pool - Poster by ChiChiLand

Lazy Summer: Pool Edition

A short animated illustration for "Lazy Summer" series by ChiChiLand.

Eurooo Holiday

Join a cast of ChiChiLand characters on a trip around Europe, as they visit big cities and small towns.

Git Hub: Meet the LT

ChiChiLand joins GitHub's "Animated Hubbers" series to create a set of cute vignettes illustrating and interview with Michael Hanley – GitHub’s Chief Security Officer and SVP of Engineering.

Cozy Box

Cozy Box was born out of the desire to find beauty and solace in the strange new reality of 2020 - to remember all the little things that bring us joy and keep them close - in our own little boxes.

We Make It Rain Poster

We Make It Rain

A mix between tribal and urban art, We Make It Rain is a tribute to unexpected friendships that spring to life in an inclusive and diverse society.