Eurooo Holiday
Eurooo Holiday

Pacific Northwest (if you discount Alaska) is pretty much as far from Europe as you can get within mainland US. I was unable to visit my home continent for a while now, so in preparation for my next pilgrimage I sent a small reconnaissance party to see what’s what.

Rainy Day Gelato - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

On a damp rainy day we had some delicious gelato.

We got a bit cold.
We got a bit wet.
We got a bit happy.

Stroll Over Canals - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

We think we were the only people without bicycles.
The town was so pretty we were practically stunned.

Not stoned.

Courtyard Jams - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

Breaking and dancing is awesome in old Spanish courtyards.
Just remember to jam before tapas – not after.

Old Town Market - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

Town market is open all day long.

We got bread and veggies and cheese and jelly sweets and tacky knick-knacks and even a yo-yo.

Tramspotting - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

Not as exotic as spotting trains, but thanks to good scheduling we spotted over a hundred tramways in just under an hour.

Right in front of our hotel, too!

The Golden Hour - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

We climbed the tallest hill in the city to extend the magical day by few extra precious seconds.

Totally worth it.

Chance Encounters - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

We had nothing planned for today.

Surrendering ourselves to serendipity, every new encounter was a sweet surprise.

Sunning 'n' Tanning - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand

It was much more sunny when I started.

Sea is miles away, so I guess it will make do.

Tanning - Eurooo Holiday by ChiChiLand


Chi Michalski · ChiChiLand
Character design, concept art, art direction, 3D modeling

Quba Michalski · QubaXR
Technical art and story

Photography provided by Adobe Stock.
Tiling patterns generated using MidJourney AI.

I created the cast of this adventure over a period of 30 days – one character each. Below are the original designs, before they set off on their Eurooo Holiday.