If you could take four buildings with you to the deserted island, what would they be?

For me, the following are an absolute necessity to create an ideal, walkable neighborhood: We need some place to eat delicious treats, then another to browse fun clothes and accessories. Of course we also need a florist to help us keep our spaces green and fragrant. Finally – a work space to create beautiful new art and designs.

Add them all together… et voilà! – Welcome to my perfect neighborhood.

thea’s boutique

Thea wakes up and opens her boutique a little late. If you’re in a hurry, you can probably find her sipping chai latte at Naima’s place. The boutique itself is not really focused on sales. Sure, you’ll find and buy things here regularly, but we all know that it’s more fun to simply chat and browse.

kai’s florals

We’re not sure if Kai ever leaves his flower shop. He’s there no matter how early or how late you decide to step in. He has the knowledge of a botany professor, the demeanor of a wildlife explorer, and seems to thrive in the humid, warm greenhouse – just like his plants.

naima’s café

Naima learned to bake from her grandma, and over the years perfected the craft into her own unique style. Even though she’s barely older than you, she has a very strong mom vibe, and knows just exactly what you’re gonna love, hun.

lotta’s design shop

Lotta’s got lotta ideas and never enough time to bring them all to life. Constantly doodling in her sketchbook, she’s always available to help her neighbors with design services. When she’s not working on gigs, she creates cute art projects and exhibits them in her workshop-gallery space.


Chi Michalski · ChiChiLand
Art Direction, 2D and 3D Design & Modeling

Quba Michalski · QubaVR
Creative Direction, Lighting, Animation & Rendering