Chi Michalski A.K.A. ChiChiLand is a Seattle (USA) based illustrator and art director. Inspired in equal part by nature, urban culture and folk art, she has an ongoing fascination with new media and experiential arts.

In her works, Chi creates soft, happy worlds filled with characters and patterns that reflect her hope for a better world, where we live in harmony with nature and all living beings.

Clients include Adobe, Meta, GitHub, Target, Atari, Fox, Chronicle Books, Chatty Feet, Noise Pop.

Create something fun with Chi! Email her for your commissions, collaborations and projects at or via the contact page on this site.

Features and Interviews:


ICON Illustration Festival (2022)
New York, NY, USA

Fantoche Festival (2020)
Baden, Switzerland

LineWork NW Festival (2016)
Portland, OR, USA

Robot Film Festival (2013)
San Francisco, CA, USA

VIEWFest (2007)
Turin, Italy

International Amsterdam Film Festival IAFF/MAFIAfest (2007)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chicago Motion Graphics Festival (2006)
Chicago, IL, USA

ResFest (2005)
Istanbul, Turkey


ILLO Show Cupcake Royale (October 2019, solo)
Hosted by Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA -USA

Holiday Show (December 2018, solo)
Portage Bay Goods, Seattle, WA – USA

11th Annual Holiday Mini Exhibit (November 2017, group)
Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA – USA

Make America Create Again (April 2017, group)
CoCA Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA – USA

Sweet Little Ones (May 2016, solo)
Midori Bakery, Redmond, WA – USA

Animal Kingdom (April 2016, group)
Tiny Dodo Gallery, Seattle, WA – USA

One-A-Day Project Micro Exhibition (March 2014, solo)
Papa November Coffee and Bakes San Francisco, CA – USA

Surreal Abstract Dreamy Landscapes (August 2013, group)
Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco, CA – USA

OUTSIDE-in (May 2012, group)
AlanIstanbul, Istanbul -Turkey