Cookies and Cream by ChiChiLand

Cookies and Cream

Pink Tea Pot Lady by ChiChiLand

Pink Teapot Lady

Stacking - ChiChiLand

I love stacking!

Planto - ChiChiLand


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Doggy Bag by ChiChiLand

Doggy Bag

Candy Folks Thumb by ChiChiLand

Candy Folks

Small Far Town by ChiChiLand

Small Far Towns

Planters by ChiChiLand

Art Exhibition

Happy Blob Pattern by ChiChiLand

Happy Blobs

Hidden Forest by ChiChiLand

Hidden Forest

Let's Walk Left - ChiChiLand

Let’s Walk Left!

Pebbles - pattern by ChiChiLand


Planter Handbag by ChiChiLand

Planter Handbag

TERRAZZO Jam 1 - ChiChiLand

Terrazzo Jam

PlanterMixer -Lettering -ChiChiLand

Planter Mixer

Pebbles Pattern by ChiChiLand

Happy Softs

Lil Planter_ChiChiLand

Lil Planter


Lost in Patterns

WIP: New Collaboration

Breakfast Pareidolia by ChiChiLand

Breakfast Pareidolia

Slow Growing by ChiChiLand

Slow Growing


Farmer’s Market Girl

Celebration by ChiChiLand


Golden Forest

Golden Forest

Waveland Thumbnail - ChiChiLand

Happy New Year!

Candy Box by ChiChiLand

Sweets for Winter Solstice

Spring Sunrise by ChiChiLand

Spring Sunrise