100/2020 Title

To celebrate the beginning of a new decade, ChiChiLand once again joined forces with QubaVR in a bid to create one hundred unique characters in one hundred first days of 2020. Between January 1st and April 10th, each day we designed, modeled, textured, and rendered new creatures – publishing them on social media.

Below, you will find the complete collection of all 100/2020 characters, arranged in chronological order and divided into smaller groups (for easier viewing).

Take a closer look at the big images. If your device and browser support it, you should see not just still renders, but 3D Loops of the characters!

Stacked 001 · 009

We started with simpler, warm-up characters, building them out of basic blocks stacked on top of one another. We also made a cute dog and a fox to keep them company.

Foraging for snacks 010 · 018

Snacks in ChiChiLand conveniently grow inside baskets, ready to be picked up and eaten. If you’re observant enough, you may even spot some of them puffing happy little clouds for the afternoon sky.

Tall-necks 019 · 028

Far cousins to the stacked creatures, this tall bunch can be often found parading the coastal beaches or ChiChiLand. When they get hungry, they can always count on help from a candy volcano.

Treats! 029 · 034

It was February, and we were hungry, I guess. We spent a week designing sweets and sandwiches, and producing such classics as Baloney Ballerina and Detective Doubleburger.

Waiting for springtime 035 · 044

Enough of this Winter business! While we love our bunny handwarmer, it’s time for some sun, flowers and springtime fun.

Day in a park 045 · 050

When cute, little ChiChiLand friends go for a stroll in a park anything may happen. They may find a cactus, or some milk plants… or an arm. I guess that’s 2020 for you.

Half way through! 051 · 059

No particular theme or story here, just a lot of experimenting with colors, shapes and different objects we can put eyes on.

Behind the Scenes 060

First two months of the project are completed! To celebrate, here’s a time lapse of us building one of the characters.

Underwater 061 · 066

Sailors, lighthouses, sea creatures and sushi!

Vinyl & Latex 067 · 072

This batch was inspired by vintage Eastern-European toys. Shiny plastics everywhere!

Wash your hands before teatime 073 · 078

Back to food and snacking, but in a conscious, responsible fashion.

Autumn forest creatures 079 · 084

With Spring in full bloom around us, naturally we created characters in a very Autumn color scheme.

Semi-finale chaos 085 · 094

With the end of the project in sight, we still had so many themes, ideas and patterns we wanted to fit in…

All's good that ends with food 095 · 100

The carnival concluded with more seemingly random characters and a big, sweet slice of watermelon for dessert.


Chi Michalski · ChiChiLand
Character design, concept art, art direction, 3D modeling

Quba Michalski · QubaVR
3D modeling, rendering, tools and shader development