Enamel Pin Collections

They are colorful. They are small. They are cute, shiny and often make you smile. Naturally, enamel pins are a perfect fit here.

Below is an collection of various pins I was commissioned to create over the past several years for clients including Chatty Feet, The Hello Poster Show, Microsoft, Noise Pop and Global Backyard.

I had the pleasure to design full identity for the San Francisco based Noise Pop Music and Arts Festival in 2018.

In addition to logos, posters and characters, my designs were also used in various merch – from t-shirts to bags and hats, and of course – pins!

My collaboration with Chatty Feet spans many years now, having started with four art-and-science-inspired character portraits created for their socks, and having since expanded to mugs, paper dolls and other merch. It’s only natural that the merry quartet of Albert, Piet, David and Stephen have now made their way to enamel pins!

The Hello Poster Show approached me to design a set of pins for their Be Kind Stay Together show, organized together with Microsoft.

All proceeds benefit Kids in Need of Defense, an organization focused on representing children in immigration proceedings that have been separated from their families. Its mission is to provide pro bono legal support for unaccompanied children, many of whom are fleeing some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

You might have already seen these colorful bunch of crafty creatures in an earlier project created for Global Backyard, featuring Pin-back buttons.

Now they are back, twice as tactile and endlessly more shiny!


Chi Michalski
art direction, illustration

Quba Michalski
product imagery