Independent animation, 15 sec
Client: imago studios
Directed and animated by: Quba Michalski.

iWin is a project that did not win anything whatsoever, sadly.

The piece was our submission to Photoshop “See what’s possible” competition organized by Adobe and Cut&Paste. It tells a story of me winning the competition with her amazing design and animation skills.

Our aim was to jam as much story and imagery as possible into a relatively short 15-second time limit imposed by the competition rules. We decided to avoid cuts between scenes, and instead used fast-paced transitions showcasing the power of Photoshop / After Effects animation.

The style used in this work originates from the narrative itself. The main character starts the story in poverty, with no means to create high-end designs. She creates collages by mix-and-matching found images – the same technique through which the actual story is being told. Both the textures and color choices are crude and unrefined, further emphasizing a hand-made quality of the designs. It all feeds into the main theme of the competition – even with minimal means, Adobe software makes anything possible.

Here are some screenshots from this piece:

Adobe - imago studios Adobe - imago studios Adobe - imago studios Adobe - imago studios