August 2016
Art Print, 400×500 mm

What if Sunday brunches could last all week? And you could take them with you? Anywhere you go?

ChiChiLand believes to have found the answer to this pressing issue!

Delicious, whimsical and scientifically tested, Breakfast Club is now accepting new members.

Breakfast Club by ChiChiLand
Breakfast Club by ChiChiLand

Art by ChiChiLand, Animation by Quba Michalski

Breakfast Club was so joyous, I couldn’t stop myself but have it animated. You can see the results below.

Many, many, many bits of food were drawn and animated – some of them so small you can barely notice them in the normal-sized window. At the bottom of this page you will find a little bonus – a detail video that lets you appreciate every little detail put into this tasty dress.