Jungle Girl

New friend, new style

Cookie Girl

Cookie Girl

Doggie Bag by ChiChiLand

Doggie Bag

Posing for Camera by ChiChiLand

Posing for Camera

Yellow Planter

Higheel Tree by ChiChiLand

Sprinkle-dipped Tree

Marzipan Girl by ChiChiLand

Marzipan Lady

Polka Dot Tree by ChiChiLand

Polka Dot Tree

Ponytail breeze by ChiChiLand

Ponytail Breeze

Cookies and Cream by ChiChiLand

Cookies and Cream

Pink Tea Pot Lady by ChiChiLand

Pink Teapot Lady

Stacking - ChiChiLand

I love stacking!

Planto - ChiChiLand


Let's Walk Left - ChiChiLand

Let’s Walk Left!

WIP: New Collaboration