My latest and sweetest collaboration is finally out! I have worked with Kiki’s Cocoa to create custom packaging the Summer Edition of her gourmet chocolate series.

I started with the doodles. Themed around the summer, holidays, sun and the sea, I created several dozen (probably closer to a hundred) characters sketches in pencil. They all got a nice dose of suntan on a scanner and then held a beauty contest in Photoshop.


The winning 14 got to be digitally re-drawn using custom brushes I created to simulate natural media. The other ones went to the beach to chill. Once ready, I had each of them made into a rubber stamp.


And then we stamped…


…and stamped and stamped and stamped…


In July, all the subscribers to the Kiki’s Cocoa Chocolate Club received the mail announcing our collaboration, and within a few days, everyone was indulging on the delicious, delicious chocolate treats.



Check out the portfolio post for even more information and photographs!

Character design, packaging pattern design, production (bags): Çiğdem Michalski (ChiChiLand)
Chocolates, mailing, photography, packaging design (boxes): Kirsten Ritschel (Kiki’s Cocoa)