Reality Realm GFTs

ChiChiLand collaborated with the blockchain and metaverse studio Reality Realm to produce a series of giftable non-fungible tokens, dubbed "GFTs" in this quirky collection.

Paper Birds

My little garden birds are hiding away from the smoke of Cascadia fires. Until the air clears up and they return, I made some of my own - with a little help from the friendly artificial intelligence of MidJourney.


Celebrations are fun, so why not have more of them? Here’s a cute 3D illustration to remind us to make any excuse to celebrate.

Cozy Box

Cozy Box was born out of the desire to find beauty and solace in the strange new reality of 2020 - to remember all the little things that bring us joy and keep them close - in our own little boxes.

We Make It Rain Poster

We Make It Rain

A mix between tribal and urban art, We Make It Rain is a tribute to unexpected friendships that spring to life in an inclusive and diverse society.